grenadier pottery, Chris Chu, architect, Newton, MA

Beautiful bowl

My friend Maxine and I had stopped off in Lenox in search of a cup of coffee where we happened upon a gregarious group of people having coffee outside (I don’t remember the name of the coffee shop but it is on a side street off the main street, by the park).  We started talking because of her Shih-Tzu named Lily.  It turned out that one of the group also has a Shit-Tzu and the folks were actually from Newton! But I digress.  I noticed that one of the ladies was being served a large latte in a beautiful greenish generously shaped latte mug.  I inquired within and it just so happened that the artist who makes these mugs was in the store.  She gave me her card.  The mugs were lovely and I wanted one but there were none for sale there.   Here on the left is one of the bowls that she makes, which I haven’t seen in person, but I think is beautiful.  We ended up joining these folks for a nice long chat as if we were old friends!
Here is a link to the website:

Latte mugs by Grenadier Pottery