CHris CHu, AIA, Architect, This Old House, Auburndale


For those of you who have seen the last two shows of This Old House in the last two weeks, you can see how much prep work was involved before we even began to build (lead abatement, asbestos removal, dealing with termite damage, etc.)  But even before that, we had to get approvals from the Conservation Commission before we could get a building permit! Actually, work on This Old House Auburndale started before the actual building permit was obtained … no we didn’t do it illegally!  Tom Silva, This Old House’s veteran intrepid builder, obtained a demolition permit first so that the interior work could begin in advance of the actual building permit.  This helped expedite the process since we had to wait for the Conservation Commission’s once-monthly hearing and a ten-day waiting period before we could get the building permit and actually start the project.

We were “under the gun” so to speak.  If we had not been able to get approvals at that point, our Auburndale house project would not have flown!  They had another project waiting in the wings had this not worked out.  Phew!!!

We enlisted the help of a wetlands consultant, Karon Catrone, who was very experienced and helpful in getting us through the process successfully.  The surveyor, Everett Brooks, was also super efficient.  We pulled together the submission in a matter of days!  Looking back, it is amazing how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time.

Next week, Episode 3!

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek at what happened last week on This Old House project house!  Now, flooring is next along with deck and railings!