The first show aired this last week and it was such a relief to actually see it!  It was amazing to see so much information packed into a short, nominal half-hour show.  I now see how much work it is to put together a show like this and I saw only a small smidgen of the whole process to actually put it together. Kudos to the This Old House team for doing this time and again and doing such a wonderful job!  There are so many disparate parts and people involved. It is such a complex web of people, ideas, and logistics!

We have come such a long way from when we, the homeowners Allison and Raveen Sharma and I, first were told “we are IT!”  What was truly a long shot has become a reality.  The ingredients were all there – wonderful site, wonderful family, a “ho-hum” house in dire need of a make-over… especially the homeowners…they have been incredible throughout this whole process.  My hat’s off to Allison and Raveen Sharma and their lovely children!

Here is a photo of Allison and Raveen that I had submitted eons ago to This Old House last January, back when the weather was cold and the house was empty.  The transformation is now well on its way.  The Sharmas had the vision to see what this house could be.  Kudos to them!

Chris Chu, AIA, architect, Newton, MA

Allison and Raveen in front of “ho-hum” house with a tantalizing glimpse of the Charles River beyond.