Now that the exterior is more or less well on its way, the interior “guts” have also been getting put in place.  The “guts” of a house are like the systems of the body.  The electrical system is like the body’s nervous system.  Besides the usual lights that one expects to be part of this, a home security system is being installed, which in this case is a wireless system. Also, part of the electrical system are all the smoke and fire and carbon monoxide sensors required by code to provide safety measures.  Another system in the “guts” of the house is the HVAC system, which in this case, is a high velocity hydro air system.  Heat will be provided by radiant heat in the basement and first floor areas.

This Old House, Chris Chu, AIA, Newton, MA

"Tin" man plumber

The HVAC was being put in place last week.  Unlike this photo, the duct work is usually on the inside of the “body” of the house.