CHris Chu, Architect, Newton, MA, Melissa Gulley

Sneak preview from Melissa

Today Melissa Gulley, interior designer extraordinaire (see, gave a sneak preview of some of the colors and fabrics that will be incorporated.  It is going to look great!  The Sharmas are fond of warm, vibrant colors which are simple yet sophisticated.

Also, I realized that there are many parts of the house that viewers cannot see.  Even though there are four webcams taking photos every ten seconds, they are stationary.  Here are some interior views of the upstairs master bedroom and master bath.  The existing bedroom was almost too large and nebulous.  Because the space was so large it made the low ceilings seem even lower.  By creating a wardrobe/vanity room-separating element, the actual bedroom portion will now feel cozier and more special.  We did replace the old casements with new state-of-the-art thermally efficient windows with extra sun protection and a new matching casement as well as a new patio door.  The bedroom feels open, but not too open.

Chris Chu, Architect, Newton, MA, This Old House, Auburndale

Old pink master bath

The master bath originally had ALL PINK FIXTURES!!!!!  The original closets were in the bathroom all along the wall that is on the river view side hence now view or light whatsoever!!!

The new spacious double vanity will have a window in between the two mirrors, letting in light and providing view of the back.

Chris Chu, AIA, Newton, MA, THis Old House master bath

New double vanity (to be)

Also, when you entered the original bathroom, you faced a wall.  Now when you enter, you will see a very generous double casement window with the same low window sill as the rest of the house.  It is very important to line up windows with doorways if at all possible.  The light that comes in can be enjoyed inside not only the room it is in, but adjacent spaces such as hallways or bedrooms.  This is the concept of “borrowed” light.