Chris Chu, architect, Newton, MA front door, This Old House

The new front door

The new front door “system” arrives on site today!  This will be a door with sidelights.  There will be glass at the top of the door and the sidelights will be full glass from floor to ceiling (well, almost floor to ceiling) with “muntins”.  This door system will come “prehung” which means that the two sidelights and the door will already be installed inside a frame as one unit, complete with “mullions” in between the door and the sidelights and a continuous sill.

Let me explain some of these terms.  First, a “sidelight” is basically a vertical skinny fixed window.  In this case we will have wood “muntins”, or, as one generally thinks of these, the wood “grill”.  (One funny aside – when I first started out in architecture, I was reviewing shop drawings for some windows and the draftsman had written on the drawings, pointing to the grills, the word “muttons”!)  “Mullions” are the vertical separators between two architectural elements, whether two windows or a door and a window.  Mullions are usually a wider piece of trim than if the two units are placed right next to each other.  In this case, the widest standard mullions is the “fat boy” mullion at 2 1/2″ (I wish I could have gotten a “fatter” one)!

Front entrance, Chris Chu, Architect, Newton, MA, This Old House

The front entry getting ready for front door install

The installation of the front door will be filmed this Thursday and I will be there to take photos as they do it!  Check in later this week for the update!!