This is a site meeting about the radiant heat in the basement family room – The homeowner wrote this nice blog post – things are really moving quickly now!

The big reveal

Corner windows
Things are still insanely busy (my excuse for not posting in the last couple weeks). We’ve had many, many late nights recently, poring over decorative lighting and plumbing fixtures (electrician Allen Gallant and TOH plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey need our choices asap!) So I’m pretty bleary-eyed as I write this. But here it goes …

One of the biggest issues with our house when we bought it was there were very few windows out back. In theory, we had a lovely river view, but in reality we could barely see it! Well today, a dark corner out back was transformed into one that is full of light and that has the most amazing panoramic views.

I took this shot (above) at about 6:30 tonight, from the front hall of the house. If I had taken the same shot this morning (wish I’d been forward-thinking enough to do that!), you would have seen practically all wall. The wall along the far side of the stairs used to extend all the way to the bottom of the staircase (look closely and you can see a dark spot in the top of the door frame; that’s where the wall used to end). Today, Tom Silva shaved about three feet off the width of that wall and voila, the river-facing corner in the back was revealed!

But just “revealing” the back corner wasn’t enough. The corner itself needed help, too. The window you see on the left was just installed today (this used to be just a windowless wall), and the window opening you see on the right was doubled in width.  Ahhhh… that’s better! From this corner, we can now enjoy the Charles River AND our neighbor Sue’s beautiful gardens (thanks, Sue!)

In other news, here are a few other things that happened today (seriously, there is  NEVER a dull moment).

We finalized the design for our front door and sidelights(shown here are Tom, architect Chris Chu, and Scott Kearney from TruStile Doors, working through the details).

Door discussion
Richard and Tom installed radiant heat in our new basement family room.

Floor in family room (radiant heat below!)

This very cool pumping truck was used to pump concrete up and over the house, down to the basement level in back.  A new concrete floor was poured throughout both the new basement family room and the old basement family room area (in the latter, the existing vinyl tile floor and wooden sub-floor had been removed due to asbestos, leaving just crumbly concrete behind).

Concrete pump
And the deck footing were filled with concrete.

Deck footings

Phew, another jam-packed day!

Posted by Allison Sharma