Chris Chu, Architect, Newton, MA This Old House Auburndale

View at side of house

We are just over halfway through the filming of  This Old House Auburndale.  It has been quite a ride!  The show will premiere the week of October 7!  This had seemed so far away when we started but it is now just around the corner.  You will see me in the first show with Norm Abram as we preview what is planned for transforming “this” old house.  We will walk from the front entry by the garage, talk about how it needs help, talk about what the front will look like with the new pergola and new entry hall, making entering an inviting and pleasant experience.  We then walk around the side of the house and get a glimpse of the “million dollar” view of the riverfront.  What is nice about this particular setting on the Charles River is that not only is it riverfront, there is an incredible forest-y feel in the back.  There is a drop in the landscape as you round the bend.  Then there is an open view toward the right where you get a terrific view of the river while taking advantage of the beautiful garden the Sharmas’ neighbor, Sue, has created.

Then Norm and I round the back to the old sunroom which is supported by lonely lally columns, which, though sound, look spindly, weathered and not pretty.  One of them is even slightly tilted!  We talk about how the new sunroom will have a full basement below, which will become a sizable, yet cozy, family room …. with a view.

Chris Chu, architect, Newton, MA This Old House, Charles river

View of woods at back

At this point, the “backyard” actually feels like a piece of New Hampshire.  There is a sloped area held up by a retaining wall which is covered with ground cover, then a bucolic woodland scene is before our eyes.  There is a small hill (hillock?) that looks almost magical in its shape.  It is round and somewhat conical.  It also has a ring of evergreens around it.  The Sharmas have located their children’s swing set there for now but somehow it feels like something else might have happened there when the Native Americans were here…  Luckily for the Sharmas, along with this property, the properties of the adjacent neighbors bend toward the river and form a small peninsula off the main peninsula so that there is actually quite a bit of land and forest between the houses and the water.  But I digress.

Norm and I finish this segment by previewing with waves of our hands the new deck that will be off the new sunroom.  The deck will also be connected to the kitchen via a small connecting deck so that, with a cup of coffee in hand, the Sharmas can get to the deck from the kitchen easily and then can relax and enjoy the view!  Stay posted for some “before” and “progress” shots of the house on upcoming blog!

CHris Chu, Architect, Newton, MA This Old House, back view

View from the back