It is really coming together at This Old House!  The windows and doors are in, the shingles are almost done, it is looking remarkably like the sketches I did back in March!

Chris Chu, Architect, Newton, MA, This Old House

Front- in progress

One key exterior change has been the window casings. The old house had casement windows, which is atypical of a colonial, but no real window casings on the outside.  Having trim around the windows has made a huge difference!  Instead of just “holes” in the walls, they look “dressed up” and add a layer of visual detail previously missing.  The casings in this “case” are actually not wood but “Fibrex” which is a prefab composite that will stand up to the weather.

I must say this is the fastest any of my projects has ever been “realized”.  We still have a ways to go but the This Old House team has been amazing, from the producers Deb and Jen, the builders Tom, Phil, Dan and Joe, to the plumbers and electricians as well as the directorial crew of David, Dino, Heath and Jerry as well as all the behind-the-scenes folks working towards getting this house built and the show produced.  All the product partners have been exceedingly nice, helpful and professional.

Chris Chu, AIA, architect, Newton, MA This Old House

Weekly meeting

Here we are at a typical job site meeting.  Luckily for us, we’ve been able to meet weekly at this picnic table since May! Well, there was one drizzly morning…and here is a photo I took just yesterday from an angle that the webcam does not show.  The deck will add yet another element to pull it all together with a stair that will “cascade” down.

Chris Chu, AIA, Newton, Architect, This Old House

View from back

Chris Chu, AIA, architect Newton MA, This Old House

A heron resting

This is a quiet moment on the Charles as I took the photo above.  Imagine having this at your doorstep every day!