Here are some stores with interesting things that I have found in my travels –

1. Fishseddy – a shop in NYC that I found years ago… great design – fun housewares that originally were from old hotels plus new things such as fun tote bags.

2. Zonemaison – a Canadian store that is a combination of Crate and Barrel and MOMA and has fun things for the home: they sell this incredible head massager for $6 that makes your head and body tingle – it is nicely designed,  as well as this green toaster.

3. Establishment – a really interesting shop in the Village that stimulates the mind with organic home furnishings – I especially like the bamboo sculptures (can’t say I can afford any of these things but fun to look) …And by the way, it reminds me that if you are in NYC you should check out the Big Bambu structure on the roof terrace at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – you can take a tour walking/climbing through it – catch it before it’s gone.

4. Leo Design – a fantastic little store in Greenwich Village that has all kinds vintage and new arts and crafts from all over and which doesn’t  have a website but here is a link to its reviews “Leo Design remains an oasis of good taste. This small antique store specializes in Arts and Crafts antiques and many….

5. Pearl River Mart in NYC – a mind-boggling offering of things Chinese including beautiful modern housewares that you might see at MOMA as well as some great finds in clothing as well as a great offering of everything you would expect and then some.

6. Pylones – a fun French store with colorful gewgaws you never knew you needed also in the Village; you have probably seen some of their products in other venues but this place has it all in one shop – kids will love it!  their  whisk actually works really well and is fun to use.

7. Muji – another Greenwich Village store that has Japanese minimalist home goods and clothes and “things” that is fun to explore – I bought some really nice notebooks there –

Well, I think this is it for today.  Happy shopping!