All the elements of a construction project  – structure, electrical, plumbing, layout, finishes – are handled by various trades.  Yet the architect has the key role in coordinating and pulling all the elements together.  On the This Old House project everything is coming to a head.  The electrical roughs are being done as we speak, the kitchen layout is just about done and the cabinets will be ordered soon, the front door has been selected and will be ordered soon, and windows and patio doors are being delivered to the site this week!  Meanwhile, Melissa Gulley, our interior designer on this job, is working with the homeowner with all the myriad color and finish selections for the interior!  We did a walk-through with Roger Cook, the landscaper for This Old House the other day and looked at possible plants that the homeowner may want.  Her neighbor has kindly offered her many of her plants.  Inside and out, all the elements will come together to create a beautiful, functional, and enjoyable home for  Allison, Raveen, Natasha and Jay!