As some of you may know, I am the lucky architect for this season’s This Old House show.  Yesterday I was fortunate to spend a bit of time at the Boston Public Library with the crew of  This Old House while they filmed the segment with the family of the previous owner of the This Old House house.  The previous owner, Jules Aarons, was both a noted physicist as well as a well-regarded photographer. There is a wonderful exhibit of his photos that depict street life in Boston in the 1960’s.  The photos are so evocative of lives lived in a bygone era.  Each one elicits a gut reaction in the viewer.  You feel like you were there and are privileged to see a glimpse of various lives.  Jules Aarons printed his own photographs in a dark room at this house.  This dark room is still there and was perfect for this purpose.  We are bringing light and air to the rest of the house but the darkroom  was where Jules Aarons brought forth his vision of life on the streets, of lives that existed and have since disappeared.  I highly recommend this exhibit at the Boston Public Library, in the Wiggans Room, third floor, in the old McKim Mead and White-designed part of the library.  While you are there, there is a wonderful poster exhibit on the first floor, then have lunch in the Map room and either eat inside in the beautiful vaulted space or the tranquil courtyard!